Allium porrum L.
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European leek "Carentan 3".
The variety is late ripening (period from germination to harvesting 125-175 days), cold-resistant. The plant is 30-50 cm high.
The leaves are dark green, wide. The false stem is cylindrical, low - 10-25 cm, but thick - up to 5-6 cm in diameter.
The mass of one plant is 200-325 g. Grown to obtain a bleached stem - "legs".
The shape of the "leg" is cylindrical, diameter 3-4 cm, weight 200-300 g, height 15-20 cm.
For food use a thickened, white part of the stem (false stem) with a delicate weak taste and young leaves (during storage - and colorless leaves).
Leek has a pleasant, slightly spicy taste. They are used fresh and stewed for preparing salads and other dishes.


Eng.: European Leek, Garden Leek. Suom.: Purjo, purjosipuli. Sven.: Purjolök. Bot.: Allium porrum L.

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