Portulaca grandiflora
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Hanging moss rose "Happy Trails Peppermint".
A new type of Moss Rose!
Good lateral branching, shoots with many flowers hang down beautifully, creating a great look in baskets and containers.
A perennial plant used in our climate as an annual. Forms a bush 15-23 cm high, flowers 4-5 cm in diameter, blooming from July to the very frost.
Drought tolerant. Ideal for planting in hot, dry places under the sun.
Purslane is used for planting in flower beds, ridges, as curb plants, as carpet flower beds. It is ideal for rockeries, for planting in containers, low vases, pots, and balcony boxes.
Magnificent floral "sprinter carpet".

Eng.: Moss rose. Suom.: Koristeportulakka. Sven.: Praktportlak. Bot.: Portulaca grandiflora.

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