Nemesia strumosa L.
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Pouch nemseia "Carnaval" (Cape Jewels).
The plants flower quickly and are suitable for beds and borders.
Compact plants bearing large flowers. Weather tolerant. Quick to flower, brightly coloured annual. HHA - Half hardy annual. Height 18-20 cm. 
CULTURE: Can be grown in pots in cool conditions. Sow February-March under glass or April-May outdoors for flowers June-Sepember; sow August-September for flowers February-April the following year. 
HINTS: Ideal for beds and borders, patio pots and containers. Prefers full sun or partial shade. 
Flowering Time: June-September
Flowering Season: Spring, summer Light Requirements: Sun to partial shade Flower Color: White, yellow, orange, pink, red, mauve Height: 1 to 2 feet Spacing: 6 inches Comments: Good cut flower; prefers fertile, moist, well drained soil; does not tolerate high heat and humidity; prune back after flowering.

Nemeesia suureõieline  Nemesia strumosa

Eng.: Pouch nemseia, Cape Jewels. Suom.: Kohtalonkukka, KIRJOKOHTALONKUKKA. Sven.: Nemesia.

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