Zinnia elegans
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White zinnia "Nina" - Zinnia elegans.
Tall, large-flowered zinnia for elite garden decoration.
Differs in extremely plentiful and long blossoming, strong branching peduncles, pure and resistant to fading tones of inflorescences.
Forms raised, branched bushes up to 90 cm high.
Dahlia-shaped inflorescences, large, white, 15 cm in diameter, highly resistant to adverse weather conditions.
Blooms from June until frost.
Zinnias are photophilous, drought-resistant and heat-loving, responsive to watering; without prolonged watering, the intensity of flowering decreases and the size of inflorescences decreases.
Grow seedlings. Seeds are sown in April. Shoots appear in 4-6 days. In early June, plants are planted at a distance of 20 cm.

Eng.: Elegant zinnia. Suom.: Tsinnia, oppineittenkukka. Sven.: Zinnia. Bot. syn.: Crassina elegans, Zinnia violacea.

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