Cucurbita moschata L.
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Musk pumpkin "Hubbard Large Blue" - Cucurbita moschata L.
Late-ripening variety (110-115 days from full germination to harvest). The plant is of a semi-bush type, short-leaved. The fruits are turbid, segmented, weighing 3.5-5.8 kg.
The color of the bark is greenish-gray, without a pattern. The pulp is orange, thick, crispy, medium density and juicy. Differs in a high content of carotene and dry substances.
It is grown both by seedlings and direct sowing into the ground. Sowing seedlings in April, planting in the ground in May - June.
Sowing directly into the ground at the end of May - June according to the 80x100 scheme. Responds well to organic fertilization.
Fruits are transportable and stable. Relatively resistant to drought and low temperatures.

Eng.: Musk Pumpkin. Suom.: Myskikurpitsa. Sven.: Myskpumpa.

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