Hieracium aurantiacum L.
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Orange hawkweed (king devil, orange paint-brush) - Hieracium aurantiacum L.
Family: Asteraceae.
Origin: Europe.
Special Features: bright orange-red daisies.
Colour: orange-red.
Natural Flowering Period: June - August.
Winter Hardiness Zones: Z4-8.
Growth Habit: Neat, low-growing.
Foliage: oblong to elliptic-shaped, light-green, hairy leaves.
Height with Flowers: 20 cm.
Spacing between Plants: 30 cm.
Soil Requirements: Well-drained soils, pH 5.8 - 7.2.
Location: Full sun.
Use: Useful for naturalizing or planted in the border with Campanula rotundifolia, Kniphofia "Fire Dance" and Stokesia laevis.

1,0 g = 5000 seeds.
Seeding Recommendation: 0,5 g / 1000 plants.
Sowing Rate: 3-4 seeds per cell.
Plug tray recommended size(s): 128, 288.
Germination: Rapidly germinating, keep seed in constant moisture (not wet) with temperatures of about +20°C. Do not cover the seed but tightly press into the earth. Keep in cooler conditions after germination occurs.
Best Sowing Dates: Anytime Sowing to Germination: 3 - 4 weeks.
Germination to Transplant: 4 - 6 weeks.
Transplanting to Salable Plant: 6 - 8 weeks.
Cutting-Back at Transplanting: Cut-back once to keep more compact.
Growing On: Container Size(s): 1 plug per 8/9 cm; 1-2 plugs per 11/12 cm.
Vernalization: Some flowering will occur the first year without vernalization, but improved flowering will occur the 2nd year; and 3-10 weeks of cool temperatures might benefit fuller flowering in the first year.
Forcing: This species is not a suitable candidate for forcing.
Fertilization: Medium (150-200 ppm).

History: Dioscorides reported that "Hawkweed is cooling, somewhat drying and binding, and good for the heat of the stomach and the gnawings therein..."

Fox-and-cubs, orange hawkweed, devil's paintbrush, grim-the-collier, king devil, orange paint-brush. Bot.syn.: Pilosella aurantiaca (L.)

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