Alchemilla erythropoda
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Dwarf lady's mantle - Alchemilla erythropoda.
There are plants that do not shine with ceremonial beauty, do not bloom in lush colour and are completely unsuitable for ordinary bouquets. But at the same time, unusually loved and revered ...
In the ensemble of performers of the garden "symphony", Alchemilla can play several parts:
"thematic plant" that sets the tone for a natural-style garden
"background" plant, shading the "play of soloists" with a spot of a single-species curtain
"accent", distinguished by the shape, graphics of the leaf blade and calm colouring in yellow-green tones
"filling" plants, hiding empty areas of flower beds occupied by ephemeroids or other seasonal "tour soloists".
Finally, the Alchemilla is perfect for the role of a groundcover.

Family: Rosaceae.
Origin: Balkan Peninsula, West Carpathians, Caucasus and Northern Iran.
Special Features: Lovely bluish-green foliage and endearing, chartreuse flowers.
Colour: Chartreuse flowers on short, reddish flowering stems.
Natural Flowering Period: May - August.
Winter Hardiness: Z3.
Growth Habit: Low and clumping.
Foliage: Bluish-green, pubescent leaves.
Height with Flower: 20 cm.
Spacing between Plants: 30 cm.
Soil Requirement: Well-drained soils, pH 5.8 - 6.8.
Location: Full sun to partial shade in hotter climates.
Use: Plant together with Achillea sibirica, Allium cernuum and Campanula punctata.
Specialities: An excellent candidate for container production or use as a groundcover.

Dwarf lady's mantle.

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