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Rodenticide "Ratimor" (Brodifacoum fresh Bait) - a fast-acting and effective remedy for fighting rats and mice.
Ready-to-use, one-time poison bait in the form of moisture-resistant sachets, effective against all types of rats and mice. Suitable for rapid rodent population adjustment.
Rodenticide anticoagulant: attractive to rats and mice, extremely resistant to extreme conditions and effective even with a single application.
The effect of poisonous bait is manifested within 4-10 days after eating it by rodents. Such a time interval does not allow rodents to build a logical connection "bait-poisoning".
The poison from rats and mice Ratimor acts on all rodents even with a single meal and is highly effective due to the delayed action.
The active ingredient in Ratimor poison bait is brodifacoum, which prevents blood clotting and causes internal bleeding. The poison has a delayed effect, which manifests itself within 4-8 days. Rodents are unable to associate the death of other rodents with the bait and continue to consume it. A bitter substance has been added to the bait, which prevents it from being swallowed by pets and children.

The paste-shaped bait is packaged in special bags that prevent human contact with the active substance. The packaging film also extends the life of the bait by protecting it from moisture.
Oil-scented components are added to the paste, which provide the bait with moisture, an attractive taste and a long-lasting effect. The paste is especially suitable for places where there is a lot of food available to rodents: pantries, basements, food and grain stores, places around dumpsters, etc.
Preventative rodent control measures (eg, remove all food and seal openings) as well as chemical-free control measures (eg, traps) should be considered before poison is applied.
Poison paste bait should be used in conjunction with tamper-proof lockable houses. Bait houses should be placed as close as possible to places where rodent activity has been observed (for example, to their paths, nesting sites, holes, burrows, etc.). If possible, you need to attach houses with bait to the surface of the earth or structures. Bait houses should be placed out of the reach of children, birds, pets and other animals for which the bait is not intended, away from food, drinks and animal feed, as well as utensils and surfaces in contact with them. Do not install houses near drains where they may come into contact with water.
Do not eat, drink or smoke while handling poisonous bait. After handling the bait, wash your hands and the surface of the skin that has been in direct contact with it.
The use of poisonous bait in the form of a paste allows you to eliminate rodents within 35 days.

Indoor house mouse: use 10-20 grams of bait per house to control mice. If you need to use more than one bait house, they should be placed at a distance of 5 m from each other (with a high number of mice - at a distance of up to 2 m from each other). At the beginning of the fight against mice, you need to inspect the houses with bait at least once every two or three days, and later - at least once a week to check that the mice are eating the bait and the houses are not damaged, and to remove the corpses of rodents. Add bait if necessary.
Additional effects of the active substance Brodifacoum:
1. Rodents experience symptoms of suffocation, which causes them to leave the living quarters.
2. Immediately after eating the poisoned bait, the possible appearance of offspring will not be viable.
3. The carcasses of dead rodents do not decompose, but dry up (mummify), which makes it possible to avoid an unpleasant odor if they still could not leave the premises.


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