Brassica juncea L.
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Leaf red mustard "Rossa" - Brassica juncea L.
For spicy salads!
Early variety. Annual, green culture of a long day. Typical Japanese vegetable with red leaves. Taste is exceptionaly piquant.
Sow repeatedly in spring and autumn in rows. Fresh leaves are used for salads and frying.
Differs in precocity and cold resistance. The leaves are large, green with a red tint.
Fresh mustard greens are rich in vitamins, ascorbic acid, mineral salts and mustard oil, which gives the leaves a slightly spicy, piquant taste and pleasant aroma.
Used to prepare salads, sandwiches and side dishes for meat and fish dishes.
Growing conditions.
Sowing - in a permanent place.
The culture is undemanding to soil fertility. Can be grown in winter on a windowsill.
Sowing: April (3) - May (2.3).
Transfer: no.
Harvest: May(3)-September.

Brassica juncea Lehtsinep Горчица листовая Brown mustard, Indian mustard, Russian mustard sarepta mustard Sareptansinappi Salladssenap Sinapis juncea L

Eng.: Chinese mustard, Plain-leaved mustard, leaf mustard. Suom.: Silosinappi.

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