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A mixture of unpretentious fast-flowering annuals "Red-White".
In this mixture, unpretentious plants are collected for decorating the garden, as well as for creating bright bouquets that do not fade in water for a long time. The mixture is formulated in such a way that flowering begins early enough and continues throughout the season. A distinctive feature of this mixture is the consistency of the colour of the inflorescences in red-white tones. The plants of this mixture are perfect for mixed flower beds and high borders, as well as for group plantings on the lawn.
Grown by direct sowing of seeds in the ground. Before sowing, it is better to mix the seeds with sand and spread them over the surface of the soil. Sowing should be done in sufficiently moist and loose soil in a sunny area or in a weak penumbra. After full germination, seedlings must be thinned out, leaving the strongest plants. Further care consists of regular watering and top dressing.

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