Fragaria vesca L.
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Remontant strawberry "Yellow Wonder" - Fragaria vesca.
The most fragrant and sweet!
A unique variety of winter-hardy strawberries that does not form a mustache and continuously bears fruit throughout the season.
With regular feeding and watering, it gives up to 1000 berries per bush (weighing 4-6 g). The berries are light yellow, taste and aroma surpass all red-fruited varieties.
Resistant to pests and diseases, the berries are not pecked by birds (due to color).
It can be grown as a pot culture at home or on the balcony, then fruiting continues all year round.
Strawberries are sown in March-April. Seeds are mixed with sand and evenly distributed over a moist, even surface.
At a temperature of + 15 + 20 ° C shoots appear within 30 days. In the phase of 1-2 true leaves, the seedlings dive into pots.
After the appearance of 6 true leaves, they are planted in the ground with a distance between rows of 25-30 cm, between plants 15-20 cm.
Harvesting starts in July.

Eng.: Remontant strawberry. Suom.: Kuukausimansikka. Sven.: Smultron.

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