Dicentra scandens L.
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Bleeding heart "Golden Tears" - Dicentra scandens.
Old-fashioned climbing perennial bears strings of yellow heart-shaped flowers. Prefers rich, moist soil in semi-shaded areas with morning sun. Perfect for the woodland garden. Nice for planting along with spring bulbs, ferns, hostas, pulmonarias, primrose, anemone, and astilbe. 
Family: Papaveraceae, Fumariaceae.
Origin: Himalayas.
Special Features: climbing species with hanging yellow blooms.
Flower colour: yellow with reddish tips.
Natural flowering period: June - August (first year flowering).
Winter Hardiness Zones: Z4 - Z7.
Foliage:    grey-green, fern-like.
Height with Flowers: 200 cm.
Spacing between Plants: 90 cm.
Soil Requirements: average.
1,0 g = 1400 seeds.
Sowing to Germination: 10 - 18 weeks.
Germination to Transplant: 4 - 6 weeks.
Transplanting to Salable Plant: 6 - 8 weeks.

Eng.: Bleeding heart. Bot.syn.: Dicentra thalictrifolia Wall., Dactylicapnos scandens.

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