Trifolium hybridum L.
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Alsike clover "Ermo" - Trifolium hybridum L.
Excellent rhizomatous perennial.
One of the main advantages: it grows well on acidic and moist soil, high winter hardiness and resistance to trampling.
Sowing to a depth of 0.5-1.5 cm. Seeding rate: 10-15 g/10 m2. 300 g = 350 m2.
Optimum sowing time: early spring or late summer.
The mass of 1000 seeds of pink clover is from 0.5 to 0.7 grams.
Blooms in the year of sowing.
Flowering: June-September.
Moisture-loving. Photophilous. Winter hardy. Frost-resistant.
It is not demanding on soils (it grows even on acidic ones), but prefers neutral ones.
Pink clover is a wonderful honey plant. Honey productivity from 60 to 125 kilograms per hectare. Due to the short corolla tube, it is often visited by honey bees. Honey is of high quality. Light color.

Bot. syn.: Amoria hybrida (L.) C.Presl, incl. Trifolium elegans Savi (Trifolium hybridum L. subsp. elegans (Savi) Asch. et Graeb.)

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