Cucumis sativus L.
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Half-length salad cucumber "Twenty" F1.
Early maturing insect pollinated hybrid for growing in greenhouses. The fruits are smooth, dark green in color, 20-22 cm long.
1.0 g = 40-50 seeds.

* Rules for picking cucumbers.
• When harvesting, cucumbers must not be plucked, they must be cut with a knife. Cucumber stalks are very brittle and sensitive. When picking fruits, they are damaged, and this can stop the development of the plant.
• When picking cucumbers, adult lashes should not be shifted from place to place, and especially turned over differently than they lie. As a rule, the leaves of the lashes face the light with their surface, but if they are turned down, the leaves will try to take their previous position in order to turn “face” towards the light, and this can weaken them, they will begin to turn yellow, their ovaries will stop growing, the lash will become infertile or completely barren.
• When harvesting cucumbers, be sure to remove all ugly and overgrown fruits, because they delay the formation of healthy fruits.
• It is necessary to collect cucumbers not in the middle of the day, but early in the morning, when the bed is still wet from dew and the cucumbers are elastic.

Eng.: Greenhouse cucumber. Suom.: Kasvihuonekurkku. Sven.: Salladsgurka.

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