Cucumis sativus L.
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Gherkin "Marketmore".
Medium-early, high yielding salad type variety. Fruit is dark green, beautifully shaped, used fresh. Grown outdoors and under cover.
Recommended to plant in the same place after 2-3 years.
1,0 g = 35-40 seeds.

* For regions with a cool climate, a seedling method of cultivation is required.
Seeds are sown in peat pots with a diameter of 10 cm with specially prepared soil (2 parts humus, 1 part turf soil, 1 part sand) to a depth of 1.5 cm.
The air and soil temperature should be +20+23°C.
The soil must be evenly moistened (overwatering and souring of the soil are not allowed). Seedlings are planted when the threat of frost has passed.
After emergence, during plant growth, do not allow the temperature to drop below +14°C. During the growing season, fertilize 1-2 times with a complete mineral fertilizer with a predominance of nitrogen.

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