Lactuca sativa var. capitata
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Head lettuce "Meraviglia d Inverno".
A fast-growing and easy-to-grow head lettuce variety that produces large heads with the delicate consistency of leafs for organic way.
The head of cabbage is round, the leaves are light green, the surface of the leaf is bubbly-wavy, the consistency of the leaf tissue is oily.
The period from germination to harvest is 50-55 days (to obtain an early harvest, they are grown in greenhouses).
To keep the supply of lettuce greens uninterrupted, sow it every 2 weeks (taking into account the fact that it does not grow well in extreme heat - especially in mid-July).
To make the rosette of leaves beautiful, plant seedlings at a distance of 30 centimeters from each other.
Variety value: stable high yield, excellent taste.
1.0 g = 800-1100 seeds.

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