Ammonium nitrate-sulphate (Saletrosan)
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Universal combined nitrogen-sulfur fertilizer - ammonium nitrate-sulphate 
(ammonium nitrate NH4NO3 + ammonium sulfate (NH₄)₂SO₄).
Perfectly balanced ratio "Nitrogen + Sulfur".
Nitrogen content (26%): N = 19.0% + N-NH4 = 7.0%.

Granular concentrated nitrogen fertilizer is intended for the main spring and summer feeding of plants at the beginning and during their active vegetation.
Directions for use: Fertilize locally or everywhere. Around bushes and trees, fertilize an area as wide as the tops of the branches. Additional fertilizer can be dissolved in water and watered (sprayed) on the plants. Do not fertilize leguminous crops.
The amount of fertilizers: open ground vegetables - 25-35 g/m2, greenhouse vegetables, ornamental plants - 20-25 g/m2, flowers - 10-15 g/m2, fruit trees - 25-40 g/m2, berries, berries. bushes, fruit bushes - 25 g/m2, lawn - 25 g/m2 (after 3 mowing - 10 g/m2).

Ammonium NItrate

This fertilizer is effective for most crops on all types of soils:
* contains nitrogen in ammonium and nitrate forms to ensure plant nutrition throughout the growing season
* contains sulfur in water-soluble sulfate form
* improves the absorption of phosphorus by plants and additionally contributes to the extraction of phosphates accumulated in the soil
* improves the commercial quality of the products obtained (increases the protein content in cereals and oil in oilseeds)
* has better physicochemical characteristics than ammonium nitrate (does not cake or dust), which facilitates storage and fertilization.

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