Ammonium nitrate
Brand: MKDS
Packaged:2,5 kg
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Universal combined nitrogen-sulfur fertilizer - ammonium sulfonitrate (ammonium nitrate NH4NO3 + ammonium sulfate (NH₄)₂SO₄).
Perfectly balanced ratio "Nitrogen + Sulfur".
Nitrogen content (26%): N = 13.0% + N-NH4 = 13.0%.
Sulfur content S = 32% (SO3 trioxide).
CAS No .: 7783-20-2.
ENECSi No .: 231-984-1.

Ammonium NItrate

This fertilizer is effective for most crops on all types of soils:
* contains nitrogen in ammonium and nitrate forms to ensure plant nutrition throughout the growing season
* contains sulfur in water-soluble sulfate form
* improves the absorption of phosphorus by plants and additionally contributes to the extraction of phosphates accumulated in the soil
* improves the commercial quality of the products obtained (increases the protein content in cereals and oil in oilseeds)
* has better physicochemical characteristics than ammonium nitrate (does not cake or dust), which facilitates storage and fertilization.

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