Fertilizer for Lowns
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Fertilizer for mossy lawn - granular mineral fertilizer with special additives that neutralize the activity of moss growth.
Its principle of operation is based on a short-term, but sharp decrease in the acidity of the upper soil layer pH. Since the moss cannot tolerate sudden changes in pH, it turns brown and stops growing, and the nitrogen contained in the fertilizer stimulates the active growth of the grass.
When and how to apply lawn fertilizer with moss remover.
1-2 times from April to September.
Evenly scatter on mossy areas (at the rate of 30-33 g / m²) and leave for several days to act. Browned moss is removed from the lawn with a rake. Land is poured into the formed bald spots and fresh seeds are sown.
In order to get rid of moss for sure, it is recommended to air the lawn regularly (with a garden pitchfork or aerator) and add lime.
Consumption rate: 4 kg = 120 m² (for heavily mossy lawns = 5-6 kg).

* Moss appears on the lawn if the soil is too dense and not aerated, poor in nutrients, grass grows in the shade, the soil is excessively wet or acidic.

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