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500 ml = 50 l of ready-made nutrient solution.
Purpose: biologically active extract of sapropel (an organic substance from bottom sludge) for processing seed and planting material, stimulating strong and healthy growth of plants.
(Attention: not suitable for Erica and other acidophilic plants).
Directions for use: shake before use and dilute with water in the desired proportion.
For soaking bulbs, shoots, tubers – 10 ml/1 l (1–3 hours).
To improve the soil and water plants during the active growing season (soil in indoor pots, balcony containers and greenhouses) – 50 ml/10 l (consumption / 2–3 l/m2).

Sapropeel, Сапропель, озёрный ил

* Miracle from the bottom of the lake.
The beautiful word sapropel translated from Greek does not sound very attractive: “rotten silt” or “dirt”. Another name - gyttia (from the Swedish gyttja), has the same meaning - “silt”, “mud”, “substance formed at the bottom of reservoirs”.
Sapropel is bottom sediments in fresh lakes, formed from the remains of underwater organic matter, products of its decomposition and minerals. For thousands of years, millions of living creatures and aquatic plants died off, and their particles settled to the bottom. Soil was added to the organic matter, washed away from the shores by rain and meltwater...
The process is slow: according to scientists, the age of the oldest explored deposits is about 12 thousand years.
Not all residues at the bottom of lakes are sapropel. In most cases, it is simply bottom silt, since the formation of sapropels requires a combination of several conditions:
* standing water (to create an oxygen-free environment)
* sufficient depth
* long time (therefore, sapropel does not form in small ponds and rivers).

Sapropeel, Сапропель, Sapropel

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