Linum grandiflorum L.
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Scarlet flax "Cerveny".
Hardy Annual. Height: 18 inches.
Position: Full Sun.
Ideal for: Border.
Germination: Easy. Aftercare: Easy. 
It may be safely accounted as one of the easiest, showiest and most beautiful of all hardy annuals. From early summer to autumn, brilliant blood-red flowers with a beautiful satin sheen are produced.
Sowing Instructions: Best sown where they are to flower in spring, or late summer/early autumn for overwintering. Sow 3 mm deep in rows 30 cm apart in well cultivated soil which has been raked to a fine tilth. For winter/early spring flowering pot plants in a cool greenhouse or conservatory sow in late summer/early autumn. Water sparingly until the weather warms up.
Growing Instructions: Thin out the seedlings to 10-15 cm apart. They prefer a light well drained soil and a sunny position.

Suureõieline lina Punane

Eng.: Scarlet flax. Suom.: Punapellava. Sven.: Blomsterlin. Bot. syn.: Adenolinum grandiflorum.

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