Salvia splendens L.
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Scarlet sage "Nana Incendio" - Salvia splendens.
Undersized variety.
Sowing time: February, March.
Transplanting seedlings: June.
Flowering: July, August, September.
Planting method: seedlings.
One of the most popular varieties. The bush is compact, with dark green foliage, 20 cm high. The inflorescences are large, bright red. Late variety. Blooms profusely from late July until frost.
Used for borders, borders, and flower beds.
The plant prefers sunny, well-drained, moderately fertile, loose soils. Propagated by sowing seeds in February - early March in seedlings, lightly sprinkled with fine-grained sand. At a soil temperature of +22 ° C, seedlings appear on the 10-15th day. Seedlings dive twice. Seedlings are planted in open ground in early June, maintaining a distance between plants of 20-25 cm.

Eng.: Scarlet Sage, bonfire sage. Suom.: Tulisalvia. Sven.: Praktsalvia.

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