Cucumis sativus L.
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Parthenocarpic cucumber of bouquet type "Siberian Garland" F1.
Up to 400 cucumbers per plant!
The newest hybrid of the future, which amazed breeders around the world with its incredible productivity and ability to bear fruit even in the most extreme conditions - until the first frost. The sight of the hybrid “in action” is mesmerizing: the vines, like a New Year’s garland, are completely hung with many small, cucumbers, collected in a bunch - juicy, crispy, aromatic, incredibly sweet. 
An early ripening, self-pollinating hybrid of bouquet type, greens 5-8 cm, do not outgrow, excellent in pickling, without voids and bitterness.
Sowing to a depth of 1.5-2 cm at +25°C. Then the temperature is reduced to +20°C. Seeds are sown in the ground at the end of May at a ground temperature of +13°C and an air temperature above +15°C.
Planting seedlings: when the threat of frost has passed.

Gherkin Sibirskaya Girlyanda F1, Огурец-корнишон с пучковым заложением завязей Сибирская гирлянда F1

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