Allium cepa L.
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Onion "Borettana".
An early and high yielding variety for obtaining a full-bodied bulb from seed in one season.
This variety is very suitable for growing in the northern regions.
Bulbs are golden yellow, large, dense, with a flat configuration.
The inner scales are white, juicy, very delicate, slightly sharp, of excellent taste, with a high content of solids, sugars and vitamins.
The variety is resistant to major onion diseases.
Onion is cold-resistant culture. Its seeds begin to germinate at a temperature of +5 +6°C. Seedlings tolerate low temperatures and frosts.
In the first period of growth and development, onions are picky about soil moisture, and later, an excess of it delays the ripening of onions.
Before planting, the seeds are pre-germinated. Sow in spring, as early as possible (at the end of April), in moist soil, in furrows 2 cm deep with an interval of 25-30 cm.
Seedlings appear on 12-15 days. Onions need frequent weeding. For better growth, onions are fed with organic and mineral fertilizers.
Harvesting begins when the leaves are lodged, around the end of August. The pulled out onion with tops is left in the garden for ripening for 8-10 days.
In such conditions, the onion is finally formed and dries up.

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