Baptisia australis L.
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Blue wild indigo - Baptisia australis.
Homeland: prairies of North America.
A spherical bush up to 1 m high. The shoots are bluish. The leaves are tripartite, dense, beautiful bluish-green in color, large, from 2 to 8 cm long.
It blooms in June for about 20 days. The flowers are 2-3.5 cm in diameter, blue-violet, collected in racemes 20-30 cm long. The fruit is a pod up to 6 cm long with a woody shell, appears in August-September. It contains 4-6 black round seeds. Winter-hardy down to -29 °C (Z3).
Location: grows well in dry, sunny places.
Soil: undemanding to soil. It can grow on shifting sands and infertile clay soils. They tolerate moisture deficiency well. Does not require careful care.
Reproduction: by dividing the bush in early spring or after flowering in early July. It can also be propagated by seeds, which are planted before winter to a depth of 2-3 cm. 1,0 g = 88 seeds.
Use: for rocky slides. It is not easy to find baptisia in our rock gardens, although this unpretentious plant feels great in our climate zone and deserves to be widely distributed in alpine hills.

 Baptisia australis Sinine baptiisia Sophora australis
Blue wild indigo, blue false indigo, blue indigo, false indigo, plains baptisia, rattlebush. Bot. syn.: Sophora australis L.

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