Chrysanthemum paludosum
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Snow Daisy - Chrysanthemum paludosum = Leucanthemum paludosum = Hymenostemma paludosum.
Beautiful undersized chrysanthemum with abundant flowering.
A plant with a straight, branched habit, 15-20 cm high. The leaves are gray-green, two-pinnate with linear lobes. Inflorescences - baskets, often simple, less often semi-double and double, up to 4 cm in diameter, white with a yellow disc.
Used for planting in flower beds, in mixed groups, discounts and for cutting.
Agricultural technology.
The plant is photophilous, rather drought-resistant. Prefers light, moderately fertile soils. Seeds are sown in April in seedlings, lightly sprinkled with earth. At a soil temperature of +18+25°C shoots appear on the 10-18th day. Planted in a permanent place in mid-May. When transplanting, they try not to destroy the earthen ball. Possible direct sowing in the ground in mid-May. The distance between plants is 20 cm.

Soo-härjasilm Chrysanthemum paludosum Leucanthemum paludosum Hymenostemma

Eng.: Mini Margueritte, Baby Marguerite, White Buttons, Snow Daisy, Creeping Daisy. Suom.: Peikonkakkara. Sven.: Pysslingkrage. Bot.syn.: Leucanthemum paludosum, Hymenostemma paludosum (Poir.) Pomel.

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