Rumex acetosa L.
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Sorrel "Champion" - Rumex acetosa.
Tender and juicy leaves throughout the summer.
High-yielding, early-ripening variety: from germination to the first cutting 40-47 days.
The plants are semi-erect, up to 40 cm high, rosette diameter is 25-30 cm. The leaves are large and juicy, with a pleasant slightly acidic taste.
The variety is winter-hardy, remains marketable for a long time and does not go into bolting. Productivity for 2 harvests: 4-7 kg/m2.
Recommended for use in cooking and canning.
In the year of sowing, the first cutting of greenery is carried out 2-2.5 months after germination. Flower arrows are regularly removed. The last mass cutting is carried out no later than mid-August for successful overwintering of the plants.
1,0 g = 300-400 seeds.


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