Rumex acetosa ssp. horticola
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Garden sorrel “Large-leaved” (series: Freeze!).
Vitamin soup in summer and winter.
An undemanding perennial, grows well in deep, non-drying soils and is supplied with nutrients. It can be grown in slightly shaded areas.
The variety is characterized by very rapid growth of greenery: the duration of the period from growth to technical ripeness of leaves is 18-37 days. The plant forms a powerful raised rosette. The leaves are very tender in the early period, oval-elongated, light green and smooth.
Productivity up to 7.5 kg/m2. To obtain early production, summer and winter sowings are possible.
Sow directly onto the plot in rows every 30-40 cm. Harvesting can begin when the plant has 5 leaves; they are cut or picked carefully. Harvesting is possible every 3-4 weeks, the leaves are at their finest from April to May.
As soon as flower stalks appear, you need to cut them off in time, thereby supporting the growth of new leaves and extending the harvest period.
Sorrel overwinters reliably, plants can be left in one place for three to five years.
Sorrel contains a large amount of vitamin C, carotene, B vitamins, and valuable organic acids. Young leaves are used fresh, boiled and salted. They are great for freezing and using in the autumn-winter period for preparing vitamin soup and adding to pies filling.

Eng.: Patience dock, Garden patience, Monk`s rhubarb. Bot. syn.: Rumex patientia L.

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