Physalis alkekengi var. franchetii
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Strawberry tomato "Chinese lanterns" - Physalis alkekengi var. franchetii.
For winter arrangements!
A plant with numerous shoots 60 cm high. Up to 10-12 orange "lanterns" are formed on one shoot.
Flowering in July-August, fruiting in September-October. Used for balcony boxes, mix borders and winter bouquets.

Location: photophilous. Winter-hardy.
Soil: undemanding to the soil, but prefers those containing lime.
Care: includes watering, weeding, loosening. In dry summers, physalis is watered every other day, in rainy summers - once a week.
During the season, physalis is weeded, as a rule, 2 times, combining weeding with loosening. Winter-hardy freezes only in snowless winters.
Reproduction: dividing the bush, cuttings and seeds. Bushes grow strongly, rejuvenation is carried out after 6-7 years.
Cuttings in July. The young apical parts of the stem are taken on the cuttings.
In the middle lane, physalis is grown, as a rule, from seeds (sowing - in early May) or through seedlings (seeds are sown for seedlings at the end of April).
If possible, 2-2.5 weeks after germination, the plants are fed.
At the beginning of the third decade of May, that is, almost a week and a half earlier than tomatoes, physalis is planted in open ground with distances in a row of 40-50 cm, between rows of 60-70 cm.
Usage: in mixborders, groups, but mainly cut flowers and winter bouquets.

Physalis alkekengi, Dekoratiivne füüsal

Physalis alkekengi, Füüsal dekoratiivne
Strawberry groundcherry, winter cherry, Cape gooseberry, Chinese lantern plant, Chinese lanterns, Japanese lantern, strawberry tomato. Bot. syn.: Physalis franchetii Mast.

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