Pisum sativum L. convar. medullare Alef. emend C.O. Lehm
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Sugar Pea "Norli" - Pisum sativum var. medullare.
An early variety of middle growth. Equal darkgreen seeds ripe jointly. This variety is suitable especially for gardeners, for direct consumption and for conservation.
* Vegetation lenght from sowing (days) = 73.
* Heigh of plant (cm) = 50-60.
* Average number of seeds in pods = 7.
* Ending = blunt.
* Lenght = 7,6. 
* Weight of 1000 seeds = 200 g.
* Number of seeds in 1 g = 3-6.
* Recommended density of plants on ha = 850000.

Hernes Green Peas

Eng.: Sugar Pea. Suom.: Honey-herne. Sven.: Sockerärta.

* How to preserve all the flavoring and nutritional benefits of peas?
- Peas are cooked for a long time - from one to one and a half hours, so before boiling, the peas should be poured only with cold water and cooked over low heat with the lid closed.
- If pea seeds have been lying for a long time, then they should be soaked beforehand.
- During cooking, do not add cold water to the pan - this will make the peas tasteless, so when the water boils naturally, add boiling water.
- It is equally important to salt the peas correctly: you need to salt right before the very end of cooking, when it is almost ready for use.
- If you decide to make mashed potatoes from boiled peas, then wipe and knead the peas immediately after boiling - then the mashed potatoes will be soft and without lumps.
- If you need to warm up green peas, then this is done together with the broth, after which the broth can be drained, otherwise the presentation and taste of the peas may deteriorate.
- If you bought freshly frozen peas, then such peas should be dipped in hot boiling water - it will be tastier, and more vitamins will be preserved.
- Peas should not often be included in the menu for people of mature and old age, as well as for patients with gout due to the high content of purines in them.
As for the rest, there are no restrictions.

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