Helianthus annuus L.
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Decorative sunflower "Ring of Fire".
An annual ornamental plant from the Asteraceae family. The plant is erect, branched, 135 cm high. An inflorescence-basket is formed on each shoot. The inflorescences are red-yellow with a dark center, up to 10-13 cm in diameter.
Blooms from late June until frost. Drought-resistant and thermophilic, prefers sunny areas with fertile, loose soil.
Used for planting in flower beds, in groups, and ridges.
Decorative sunflower is an excellent plant for cutting and creating floral and decorative compositions.
There is a place for these beauties not only in the garden, but also in containers on the smallest terrace, balcony or loggia. It is considered an excellent cutting material not only among amateurs, but also among professionals. When cut (in water) they last for more than 2 weeks without losing their decorative effect.
Grow by direct sowing in open ground in April-May according to a 70 x 70 cm pattern, 1-2 seeds per depth of 1-2 cm. Shoots appear on 10-14 days. The seedlings tolerate frosts down to -6°C. The transplant does not tolerate well.
Care: prefers open, well-lit places and loose, well-drained, non-acidic soils. In addition, sunflowers in a pot should be watered and fed regularly.

Bot. syn.: Helianthus aridus, Helianthus lenticularis.

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