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Granular superphosphate.
Superphosphate is a very effective fertilizer.
Phosphorus-based fertilizer can act in several ways:
- improvement of the root system of plants
- maintaining or restoring the healthy development and growth of the plant
- increase in yields
- improving the quality of the crop (for example, there is a higher protein content in cereals and oilseeds, rapeseed, soybeans)
- slowdown of oxidative processes and strengthening of recovery processes in the soil.
Superphosphate contains: phosphorus, calcium, sulfur, nitrogen and magnesium:
* Sulfur is especially valuable in the cultivation of legumes, grains and oilseeds.
* Calcium neutralizes soil acidity.
* Magnesium is indispensable in farms focused on growing potatoes.
Superphosphate fertilizer is offered to the consumer in the form of powder and in the form of granules (moreover, the powder version is much cheaper than the granular one,
but less effective in a number of applications).
Although for the preparation of composts, it is the powder version that is recommended due to easier mixing and dissolution with other ingredients of complex organo-mineral mixtures.
Application methods: it is desirable to apply the main part during autumn (spring) digging to the depth of tillage (April, September);
when sowing or planting (preferably granular) - in holes, grooves, pits (May); as top dressing (June, July, August).
The dosage of superphosphate depends not only on the type of plant, but also on the quality of the soil. For example, for vegetables and herbs, it is recommended to apply from 30 to 40 g per 1 m2 of soil.
If the soils are poor, then the fertilizer dosage should be increased by 20-30%.
Superphosphate can not be dug up, mixed with the soil, but simply scattered evenly over the planting area, strictly observing the dosage (indicated on the package).
Superphosphate is suitable for use on all types of soil and for all crops. But on acidic soils, it is difficult for plants,
therefore, it should be deoxidized with dolomite flour, lime or ash: add 0.2 kg of ash or 0.5 kg of slaked lime per 1 m2.
Remember that superphosphate can be applied to the soil no earlier than a month after deoxidation, otherwise it will lose most of its useful properties.
Superphosphate is applied to the soil before sowing plants during digging, poured directly into the holes (rows) immediately before planting,
it is used as top dressing (see the proportion for different horticultural crops on the package).
Important! When using superphosphate, do not forget the axiom: never mix it with urea, lime, ammonium nitrate and chalk!

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