Zea mays L. convar. saccharata Koern.
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Sweet corn "AGNES" F1.
Early super sweet (Sh2) hybrid with nice cylindrical ear. Very good recover and eating quality. Suitable for both fresh market and industry as well. Good level of disease resistance (UM, SHS, HT). 
Growing period from sowing: 82 days. 
Plant height: 160-180 cm. 
Ear setting height: 40-50 cm. 
Ear lenght 18-20 cm. 
Ear weight: 220-300 g. 
Ear kernel rows: 16-18.
Tolerance: UM, SHS, HT.
1 gram = 6 seeds

Suhkrumais Agnes F1

Eng.: Supersweet corn. Suom.: Sokerimaissi. Sven.: Sockermajs.

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