Lathyrus odoratus L.
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Sweet peas "America" ​​- Lathyrus odoratus.
An annual, fast-growing plant up to 1.5 m in height with many bright large flowers of unusual colors: each flower is decorated with clear white strokes on a bright red background. It differs from other types of sweet pea in the resistance of flowers to high temperatures and an unusually strong odor.
The plant is light-loving, cold-resistant. Prefers non-acidic, loose, fertile, moderately moist soils. Reacts well to regular watering and feeding with organic fertilizers. Used for vertical gardening of supports, decoration of fences, walls. Cut inflorescences keep well in water. The optimum soil temperature for seed germination is + 10 + 15 ° С.

Eng.: Sweet pea, sweetpea. Suom.: Tuoksuherne. Sven.: Luktärt.

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