Lilium formosanum var. pricei
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Dwarf Formosa Lily - Lilium formosanum var. pricei.
Perennial from the Liliaceae family.
Distinctive features: large funnel-shaped flowers, good winter hardiness, often blooms in the first year from sowing.
Flowering plant height: 30 cm.
Flower colour: white, reddish-purple outside.
Natural flowering period: August - September.
Winter hardiness zones: Z5 - Z9.
Usage: for the rock garden, suitable for cutting.
Lily has always been a serious competitor to the queen of flowers - the rose. Two of its rare and expensive species deserve special attention.
Lilium formosanum and its variety Price (var. pricei), which is not afraid of frost. This is an alpine dwarf form, only 30 cm high. The flowers are very narrow, funnel-shaped, white, with a reddish coating on the outside. If the place is sunny, the soil is drained, with a neutral or slightly acidic reaction, then there are no problems with growing such a lily. The plant is not very durable, but it is easy to grow from seed.
1.0 g = 600 seeds.

Bot.syn.: Lilium longiflorum var. formosanum Baker, Lilium philippinense Matsum., Lilium yoshidaii Leichtlin.

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