Capsicum annuum L.
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Chile Pepper "Cyklon".
High-yielding variety for open ground. Early ripening. Plants are compact, 50-60 cm high.
The fruits are elongated-conical, smooth, dark red, glossy. The thickness of the pericarp is 4 mm, the length of the fruit is 7-10 cm.
From one plant you can get up to a kilogram of fruits (from 25 to 35 pieces). After processing, it retains its color and density.
It is especially tasty canned or dried. This is one of the most popular hot peppers.
Sowing seedlings in early March, picking in the phase of one true leaf, planting 60-70-day-old seedlings in a permanent place according to a 50x35 cm or 40x40 cm pattern.
Prefers dry and sunny places and does not require high growing requirements.
1.0 g = 170-200 seeds.

Non-hybrid, Untreated, Non GMO.

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