Lycopersicon lycopersicum
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Tomato ''Bibi''.
Early ripe cherry tomato variety.

• To increase the formation of fruits and accelerate their ripening, stepchildren (young shoots that form in the axils of the leaves) are removed.
• To speed up the ripening of fruits, you can cut the stems on the bush.
To do this, a through slit about 10 cm long is made near the neck of the root and a small wooden peg 5 mm thick is inserted into the split.
• Another way to accelerate maturation: each plant is ringed with thin copper wire at a height of 3 cm from the soil surface.
• You can speed up ripening by cutting off the lower leaves on the bushes. Cut off 2 sheets per week (no more),
so that the process of restructuring metabolic processes proceeds gradually, and the bush is not subjected to stress.
• Mass ripening of fruits is faster if the bushes grow on poor, and not on fertile soil.
Therefore, to accelerate maturation, from the second decade of July, you can stop all watering and fertilizing


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