Petroselinum crispum convar. vulgare
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Leaf Parsley (tops) "Grüne Perle".
A variety of leafy parsley with heavily ruffled, very beautiful leaves and a pleasant aroma. The variety is mid-season.
Plants are relatively compact and drought tolerant. The roots winter well, in early spring they give greens rich in vitamins. After cutting, it retains freshness for a long time.
1 g = 450-650 seeds.

Käharpetersell Moss Curled Leaf Parsley tops Kähäräpersilja Persilja Mosskrusig Petroselinum crispum convar. vulgare Петрушка кудрявая

Eng.: Leaf Parsley (tops). Suom.: Kähäräpersilja. Sven.: Bladpersilja mosskurlig. Bot.: Petroselinum crispum convar. vulgare.

Did you know that... if you put parsley seeds in the refrigerator for a day, and then immediately sow them in the ground, then seedlings may appear in a week.

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