Viola williamsii pendula
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Yellow trailing pansy - Viola williamsii pendula.
Miniature violets are great for containers and hanging baskets!
The size of the plants is about 25-35 cm. The stems form dense cushions. Flowers 1 cm in diameter, yellow, at the same time a very large number of flowers bloom on the bush.
Abundant flowering from May until frost.
For flowering, starting in early spring, seeds are sown in February. Seeds are sown in seedling boxes, lightly sprinkled with light earth. The landing container is covered with glass and placed in a lighted place. At a soil temperature of +15 +18°C shoots appears on the 7-10th day.
Seedlings dive in the phase of the 1-2nd pair of true leaves, planted in open ground in April-May, maintaining a distance between plants of 10-15 cm. For autumn flowering, seeds are sown in June, seedlings are planted in a permanent place in August.

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