Viola cornuta
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Tufted violet (Bedding pansy) colour mix - Viola cornuta. 
The ideal plant for a "flower rug" that will bloom profusely even in the hottest months!
Compact bushes of this variety are completely covered with funny flowers - "muzzles". Plant height 15-20 cm.
They look especially impressive in borders, rock gardens, flowerpots. The flowering is profuse and long-lasting, even in hot weather.
The variety is very winter-hardy, in one place it grows up to 4 years (ordinary varieties - 2 years).
The stems form dense cushions. Flowers of various colours. Blooms from May to September.
Used for curbs, rock gardens and mixborders.

Eng.: Horned pansy, horned violet, tufted violet, Bedding pansy. Suom.: Sarviorvokki. Sven.: Bukettviol. Bot. syn.: Viola x williamsii Wittr.

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