Tagetes erecta L.
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Aztec marigold "Albatros".
Abundant and long flowering. The original colour of the flower.
A plant about 40 cm high. Spherical inflorescences-baskets, up to 10 cm in diameter, creamy white in colour.
Blooms from July until frost. To prolong flowering, faded flowers must be removed. Used for flower beds.
Agricultural technology.
The plant is heat-loving, drought-resistant. Prefers a sunny place, not demanding on soils.
Seeds are sown in April-May in seedling boxes. The seeding depth is 0.5-1 cm. At a temperature of +18°C, seedlings appear on the 7-15th day.
After 2 weeks, the seedlings dive. Seedlings are planted in the ground after the end of spring frosts, maintaining a distance between plants of 20-30 cm.

Eng.: African marigold, Aztec marigold. Bot. syn.: Tagetes major Gaertn.

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