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Cuprous sulfate, copper sulfate, dicopper sulfate Cu2SO4 is a fungicide intended for spraying fruit and berry, ornamental trees and shrubs against scab, moniliosis, anthracnose and other diseases, as well as for disinfecting wounds in fruit crops.
Active ingredient: copper sulfate, 980 g/kg, soluble powder.

How to prepare a solution.
❖ If you want to get a 1% solution of any substance, then dissolve 10 g of the substance in 1 liter of water (or 100 g in 10 liters). Accordingly, a 2% solution contains 20 g of the substance in 1 liter of water (200 g in 10 liters), and so on.
❖ If it is difficult to measure a small amount, take more, prepare the so-called mother liquor and then dilute it.
We take 10 g, prepare a liter of a 1% solution, pour 100 ml, bring it to 1 liter with water (dilute 10 times), and the 0.1% solution is ready.
❖ To prepare 10 liters of copper-soap emulsion, dissolve 150-200 g of soap in 9 liters of soft (preferably rain) water. Separately, 5-10 g of copper sulfate are dissolved in 1 liter of water. Then the solution of copper sulfate is slowly, in a thin stream, constantly stirring (!), poured into the soap solution. The resulting liquid is a beautiful greenish color.

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