Verbascum chaixii Vill.
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Nettle-leaved mullein "Sixteen Candles" (Chaix mullein) - Verbascum chaixii.
Perennial from the Scrophulariaceae family.
Origin: South Central Europe, Balkans.
The flowers are golden yellow up to 3 cm in diameter, collected in dense, branched, spicate inflorescences up to 30 cm long.
Foliage: ovate, with large greyish leaves due to felt pubescence.
Flowering plant height: 100 cm.
Distance between plants: 60 cm.
Natural flowering period: June - August.
Winter hardiness zones: Z4 - Z8. Winter-hardy down to -23 °C. They don't need cover.
Location: drought resistant. They prefer a sunny location, although they tolerate light shade.
Soil: dry to moderately dry, loose, nutrient-poor.
Care: cut the stems after flowering, this operation will prolong the life of the plant.
Reproduction: by sowing seeds in the ground in May - June. 1.0 g = 9200 seeds.
In the first year, a rosette of large leaves develops. Young plants bloom in the second year. Varieties are propagated by root cuttings.
Use: in single and group plantings on lawns, in mixborders, against walls and in large rocky gardens. Honey plant, good for cutting.
Partners: Anaphalis, Anthemis, Nepeta, Santolina, Salvia.
From history: in the Middle Ages, a plant known as the Candlewick Plant, the stems of which were dipped in oil and used as a torch.

Eng.: Chaix mullein, nettle-leaved mullein, narrow-leaved mullein. Bot. syn.: Verbascum longifolium Ten.

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