Veronica rupestris hort.
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Prostrate speedwell "Nestor" - Veronica prostrata.
Ground cover perennial from the Scrophulariaceae family.
Flower colour: light blue, rarely pink
Natural flowering period: May - June.
Height with flowers: 15 cm.
Winter hardiness zones: Z3 - Z8.
Veronica is good for planting in mixborders. Veronica is used for a variety of rocky gardens, borders. It looks very good in small reservoirs located next to rockeries. Veronica is planted together with various primroses, gravel, bluebells, carnations, stonecrops and saxifrage.
It grows well on any soil, it is sun-loving, moisture-loving, but drought-resistant. 1.0 g = 4000 seeds.
Seeds are sown in autumn before winter in open ground. Plants sown in the ground are thinned out. Seedlings bloom in the second year.
Veronica can also be propagated by cuttings, for which the tops of young growing shoots are used. After flowering, the shoots are pruned, and the bush is updated due to new leaf growth. Shelter for the winter does not require.

Eng.: Prostrate speedwell, harebell speedwell. Bot.syn.: Veronica rupestris hort.

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