Vicia sativa L. + Avena sativa L.
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Green manure mix: common oat + common vetch (Avena sativa L.+ Vicia sativa L.).
"Green fertilizer".
Green manure from legumes and cereals enriches the soil with nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, prevents the leaching of humus, and loosens and structures the soil well. The plants are undemanding to soil and tolerate drought, shading, and cold well (withstand frosts down to -5°C).
An excellent precursor for crops that need a lot of nitrogen (potatoes, cabbage, carrots, beets, onions), which not only restores, but also heals depleted soil...
The vetch-oat mixture is especially indispensable for garden plots with disrupted crop rotation and non-compliance with the rules of crop rotation (replacing almost 50 kg of manure per 20 m2).
In addition, it suppresses the development of nematodes in the soil, effectively suppresses and displaces weeds, and is excellent for mulching the soil and protecting cultivated plants from pests.
The combination of a cereal and legume crop can significantly more efficiently generate an abundance of green mass per unit area, which provides a significantly greater collection of nutrients than growing cereals and legumes separately.

The vetch-oat mixture can be sown in spring, summer and early autumn after harvesting, sowing in a continuous row: seeding depth is 2-5 cm with a distance between rows of 7-12 cm. Shoots appear on days 4-6.
No special care is required during the growing season, since the vetch-oat mixture independently suppresses weeds.
The optimal growing time is 30-40 days; grown plants (green mass) are mowed and embedded in the soil (before flowering begins!)
Sealing is carried out to a depth of 5-7 cm. This operation can be repeated 2-3 times per season.
Sowing rate of vetch-oat mixture seeds: 1.8-2 kg per 100 m2.

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Avena sativa L.+ Vicia sativa L.

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