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Mung bean (Maash, Moong).
Sprouted mung beans are a treasure trove of vitamins and minerals!
The homeland of these beans is India: in the Hindi language this type of bean culture is called "Mung".
In Asian countries, mung beans are as staple as bread in Europe.
Mung beans (mash) can be added to almost all ready-made dishes, and the addition of sprouts of these beans is most appreciated, since they contain a lot of protein and other useful substances.
The nutritional value of the product is high:
100 g of seedlings contains: 3.08 - proteins; 0.19 - fat; 5.96 - carbohydrates; 16.3 - fiber.
The calorie content of sprouted mung bean: 29.81 kcal per 100 g, in a thermally processed product there are more calories - 105.
When beans germinate, not only the mass and volume increases several times, but also the content of nutrients (fiber will increase by 2%, vitamin C by 35%: 97 mg / 100 g, and the amount of antioxidants increases 5.1 times!)

Mungvigna Maash Moong


Eng.: Mung bean (maash). Suom.: Mungopapu. Sven.: Mungböna.

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