Citrullus lanatus L.
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Watermelon "Earthling" - Citrullus lanatus.
Grainy and sweet!
Early ripening variety: 75-85 days.
The plant is powerful, the main vine is long. The berry is elongated-spherical, weighing 4.6-6.1 kg. The surface is weakly segmented, light green, with a pattern in the form of wide, occasionally converging, green stripes. The pulp is intense pink with a raspberry tint, granular, tender, sweet, juicy and has excellent taste.
Sowing seedlings at the end of April. Planting seedlings in late May-early June at the age of 30-35 days. The plants are tied to a trellis, all side shoots are removed to a height of 50 cm, and subsequent shoots are pinched over 1-3 leaves. Watering is very moderate, especially during the period of fruit ripening.

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