Hyssopus officinalis L.
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White hyssop “Rime” - Hyssopus officinalis.
Perennial subshrub, 40-70 cm high, with erect branched shoots. The variety is grown in seedlings and without seedlings. Planting pattern 40x60 cm. 
Compact plant. The shoots below are woody; the first year - green, later they acquire a grayish-brown tint. The leaf is sessile without petiole, small, green. The weight of one plant is 300-700 g.
Hyssop greens have a thick, bitter aroma, reminiscent of wild rosemary. The variety is characterized by high yield of greenery, resistance to low winter temperatures (does not freeze at a temperature of - 30°C). Shoots and leaves are used fresh and dried as a seasoning for vegetable dishes. In folk medicine, hyssop is used as an expectorant for severe coughs. A good honey plant.

* Tea made from hyssop flowers is especially useful for elderly and weakened people. With its constant use, it has a tonic and restorative effect. But an alcohol infusion or fresh juice (30-40 drops) of the plant relieves any intoxication well and quickly.

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