Zinnia elegans dahliaflowered
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Zinnia "Popart Golden & Red".
A magnificent fast-growing plant with erect stems up to 70 cm high.
For those who still prefer “something special”, we offer a variety of zinnia, which, with its variegated colour alone, is able to place accents in the garden.
It blooms profusely and for a long time. Used for cutting and planting in flower beds. It goes well with calendula, marigolds, verbena.
Sowing: March-April for seedlings. Shoots appear in 10-15 days. Next, the crops are thinned out, leaving a distance between plants of 25-35 cm.
Prefers sunny, wind-sheltered, warm areas with drained, neutral soil rich in humus and mineral elements.
During prolonged drought, watering is required.

Eng.: Elegant zinnia. Sven.: Zinnia. Suom.: Tsinnia. Bot.: Zinnia elegans dahliaflowered.

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