Yucca filamentosa
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Hapsijukka - Yucca filamentosa.

Treelike plants with a thickened trunk or stemless. Linear, hard, spiny-pointed leaves form a dense crown (for which the plant is called a palm lily in many countries). 
The flowers are white, bell-shaped, collected in racemose or paniculate inflorescences.
Location: bright to well lit by the sun.
The plant needs access to fresh air, so it is better to take it out of the house in the summer. The plant should also overwinter in a bright, very cool place, but protected from frost. Larger, and therefore more hardy specimens in the conditions of our rather short winters can overwinter even in a heated room (although they will lose a lot of leaves).
Plants that will not be placed in a cool place in winter should be kept outdoors for as long as possible, and taken outside in a sheltered place as early as possible next year. In a sheltered place, the plant can withstand even short frosts.
From spring to autumn, the soil is constantly kept moist (it is better to dry this plant a little than to pour it over). In winter, the soil should be moistened from time to time, depending on the temperature.
Propagated by stem suckers, less often by seeds.
Propagation by lengths of the trunk becomes a necessity as the yucca overgrowth. To this end, in the summer, an arbitrary number of segments should be sawed off from the trunk, which should be at least 20 cm long. The lower end is stuck into a slightly moistened mixture of peat and sand and taken out to a shaded place for fresh air. The place of the cut on the mother plant should be covered with garden varnish. Cuttings with leaves are covered with a transparent film that protects against moisture evaporation.
Seeds are sown in spring, for indoor varieties at + 19 + 24 degrees (for wintering + 13 + 18 ° C).

Yucca filamentosa Kiuline tääkliilia
Yucca filamentosa.

Eng.: Adam's needle, bear's thread, soap root. Suom.: Hapsijukka. Sven.: Fiberpalmlilja. Bot. syn.: Yucca concava, Yucca flaccida, Yucca recurvifolia, Yucca smalliana Fern.

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